Common Issue with Certificates created on Windows

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One of the common issues faced when dealing with certificates for doing SSL communication or WS-Security is that the certificates created on windows does not work on Linux. This is due to the addition of Windows Specific characters to the certificate. I have seen so many users struggle to get SSL/HTTPS working due to this problem.

So easiest thing to do, if you want to run a client with HTTPS on Linux with a certificate created on windows, just do a dos2unix on the certificate.  :)

This should help you save a lot of time.

Building WSF/PHP with PHP 5.3.0

Since the release of PHP5.3.0 number of requests were there inquiring the compatibility of WSF/PHP with PHP 5.3.0.  I tried it out on windows and I only encountered minor issues. These issues are now fixed on the svn trunk. Here is how you can build WSF/PHP from the svn source to use with PHP 5.3.0.

First download both PHP 5.3.0 source and binary distributions from You will also need to download the binary tools such as bison.exe which are required to build the PHP source.

Next you need to run the buildconf.bat contained with the php source in order to build the windows specific headers.

Now you are ready to build wsf/php for php 5.3.0.

Get the svn source of wsf/php from

svn co wsfphp

Now cd to wsfphp directory and open the file and set php configurations as follows.

PHP_SRC_DIR = E:\php\php-5.3.0
PHP_BIN_DIR = E:\php\php-5.3.0-Win32
BINDLIB_DIR = E:\php\bindlib-cvs-vc8

Of course you need to set the other dependencies according to your machine configurations.

Now run the build.bat file. This will build wsf/php binary for php 5.3.0