Use WSDL Elements Maps to Your PHP Classes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WSF/PHP allows you to map schema elements and types in your WSDL to PHP Classes in your code.. You can find a good example of this in the samples/wsdl_generation directory in the WSF/PHP pack.

You have to provide the map of wsdl type to the PHP class name as an option to both WSClient(in a case it is a client) and WSService(in a service).

From WSF/PHP 1.2.1 patch release you will not need to provide the full map of classes to schema construct. Since the engine will be intelligent enough to pick the class with the same name as schema construct when the class is not provided in the class map. If there is no class like that at all, the engine will create a unnamed class and allow to access its properties as it was a class like made to represent that schema construct.

So hope you will enjoy the new improvements to the API.

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