Data Services in PHP

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The PHP Web services demo site now has a cool Data Services demo. This demo shows how you can expose a database table as a Web service with PHP. You can also sneak a peek into the PHP source to find out how to do that, have a look at the right hand side pane.

If you have any database that you want to expose as either SOAP or a REST service, now you can follow few steps and get the job done.

WSF/PHP team is in the process of enhancing the level of data services support. They are implementing a comprehensive set of classes on top of WSF/PHP to make your data services dreams come true.


Nabeel Yoosuf said...

I typed 1003 to see what I get back. The interface didn't show me a response. Am I not supposed to get ds:employees ..
/ds:employees if no matching record found for 1003, otherwise

ds:employess ..

Dimuthu said...

Hi nebeel,
looks like a problem in last time editing :(. Now it is fixed. thanks for pointing that out.

btw you can comment on the demos on demo site itself, it would be more reachable for ppl who want to know about the demos.