WSF/PHP 1.2.2 is ready to ship

Monday, April 21, 2008

If you were looking forward to use WSDL mode with PHP here is a good NEWS for you. WSF/PHP 1.2.2 is coming up with the support of many WSDL and XML Schema constructs.
Here is a list of WSDL and Schema Constructs it is going to support,
  • Elements with simpleType
  • simpleType restriction
  • simpleType list
  • complexType sequence
  • complexType all/choice
  • inner content models
  • complexContent extension (non xsi:type based serializing, parsing)
  • complexContent restriction
  • attribute
  • simpleContent extension
  • attributeGroup
  • WSDL import
In addition to the above we still have the following features to implement, and these are planned to implement in the next major release 1.3.0
  • anyAttribute
  • custom headers
  • xsi:type" based serialization and parsing
  • Mtom support with WSDL mode

We would be able to do the release early next week. Hope you will enjoy the new feature set.

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