Next WSF/PHP 1.3.0

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In last blog I kept you waiting for the WSF/PHP 1.2.2. release. But looks like we have done lot of feature addition than just bug fixes. So it is time to go for 1.3.0

Here are the list of features introduced in this release.

1. Schema constructs support improvements for WSDL mode including
SimpleType restricitons, ComplexType restrictions/extensions and attributes.
2. WSDL Import support.
3. Support for WSDLs with multiple bindings, API is provided to pick
the preferred bindings.
4. wsdl2php code generation improvements to support the improvements done in
WSDL mode.
5. HTTP Basic Authentication Support added.
6. SOAP Messages with Attachments support (SWA) added.
7. Custom Security token support added.

The release packs are almost done, and will be ready to ship on next Monday after doing all the testings.

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