The right way to Integrate

Friday, August 15, 2008

Do you integrate you PHP application with other applications out there? Is your portal running with PHP and you leverage other third party applications to make your PHP application rich? And what are the technologies you use there?

Web services has been used for some time now to solve integration problems, and PHP can use the same technologies. Most application, including Software as a Service (SaS) applications provide Web services APIs, both SOAP and REST. And WSF/PHP form WSO2 provide a very strong set of APIs for this.

WSO2 itself has an array of PHP based Web applications. The corporate Web site, developer portal web site as well as an array of other applications that are internal but are integrated to the .com and .org site used an array of PHP applications. And they leverage Web services, and WSF/PHP when it comes to integrate across the various applications. As an example we talks to Jira based support system using Web services API and integrate that to Drupal based developer sites user accounts.

So, not only that WSO2 develop these great products and contribute those to the community, but WSO2 itself use them in production. You can too...

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