Simplest Approach to Enterprise Grade Web Services

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you bored with spending lots of time and money writing web services? Are you bored dealing with complex API's provided by Java and .Net based web services platforms? These are the things that we worry every day when we want to bring our software solutions to the outside world as standard services.

Now we are moving to a new era of Web Services with WSF/PHP as a platform for developing enterprise grade web services with the minimal effort from the programmer. Now lets look at what are tools required to build a enterprise solution using Web Services.

Obviously the first requirement is the ability to create and consume web services. WSF/PHP has this capability in the simplest form possible. You can read more about how to create and consume web services in the online documentation of WSF/PHP. This includes the creating services from WSDL and creating services manually. Also for the client side you have the option of building the client manually as well as using the WSDL.

But creating and consuming web services is only a small part of your overall solution. At the beginning you may think that "who cares about security". But when your application grows I can guarantee you will feel the need for security. But there is nothing to worry as WSF/PHP can cater for all your web services security requirements. As the service writer you don't have to worry about the details of complex WS-Security mechanisms underneath. That is the best part of the story.

If you want more than the delivery guarantees of TCP protocol and want the message level reliability, WSF/PHP can use the WS-ReliableMessaging delivery guarantees.

Also WSF/PHP comes with a nice way to convert all your data to web services very easily. Now you don't have to write services manually to expose your existing data to the world. WSF/PHP Data services can do this for you in very few easy steps.

WSF/PHP comes with two very distinctive features that you won't find in any other web services platform. Enterprise readiness and ease of use are these two distinctive features. So if you want to develop enterprise grade web services with the minimal effort try WSF/PHP and feel the difference.  

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Ronald said...

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