How to contribute to WSF/PHP project

Sunday, November 16, 2008

As an open source software development project, WSF/PHP always encourage users,developers to raise bugs, and post patches etc. Of course if you have any great idea related to WSF/PHP or some enhancement to WSF/PHP, you are most welcome to contribute.

Lets see how you can contribute to WSF/PHP project in various ways. If you encounter a bug, you can first check on the svn to see whether it is already fixed as well.

1. How do I provide a patch to WSF/PHP .


WSF/PHP uses svn as its version control system. You can checkout the source code of WSF/PHP from the following URL.

On windows you can use Tortoise SVN to checkout the source code as follows.

Step 1.

Create a folder to which you will checkout the source code.

Step2. Check out the code


















Now you can make any changes or additions, you would like to make.

Step 3.

Use create patch option in Tortoise svn to create a patch.














This should provide you with a patch file.

Step 4.

Go to WSO2 Jira project and select WSF/PHP project



 jira2  Select WSF/PHP project                                            












Go to create new issue options and select WSO2 WSF/PHP from projects drop down menu. Then select the issue type










Now in this issue form, you can fill out information about the issue.












Next fill out the issue description, your testing environment, and attach the patch.












Now click create button to create the issue.

This way you can contribute to WSF/PHP project which is used by a large number of PHP Developers worldwide. Looking forward to your contributions.

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