WSO2 Con for all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

image WSO2 con is probably the biggest open source IT event happening in Sri Lanka. Apart from the other open source events that took place in the past like FOSSSL and Apache Con Asia, WSO2 Con is the only IT conference that brings together industry leaders from around the world to share their knowledge and experiences in Sri Lanka. 

Modeled after Apache Con, WSO2 Con has added tutorial tracks to the conference this year in addition to speaker sessions and key notes. Just like it was in last year, some greats in the industry will be delivering keynotes. Also some fantastic sessions have been lined up to share experiences in building open source middleware and solving integration problems using those software.

If you want to dive deep and learn stuff hands on , don’t miss the tutorial tracks. There is nothing like learning from someone who has actually been there and done it.

Add to that the great food that will be served, you are in for an event you will remember.

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Eran Smith said...

definitely WSO2Con is a great platform to learn & share new issues & problem related to IT field.

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marevalo said...

Hello, do you have any plan for supporting PHP 5.4.x ?

Now it gives:

wsf.c:461: error: 'zend_class_entry' has no member named 'default_properties'

Thanks in advance.