WSDL Mode Improvement for the next release

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nandika has recently blog about the latest major features in the next WSF/PHP release. In addition to that it has some minor features as well. One of that big minor feature is it is bundled with the complete support for the WSDL mode.

In the last release we have done lot of improvements to the wsdl mode so it was able to handle most of the common wsdls you can find in public and enterprise. And from this release,
  • You can send and recieve MTOM, SWA attachements in WSDL mode, Whenever you found base64Binary in wsdl you can specify send this type as MTOM or SWA attachment using the useMTOM option.
  • You can send and recieve SOAP headers using WSDL mode.
  • The xsi:type based serialization and deserialization. This allows you to send and recieve Child type in place of parent schema types. In other terms you can work with the true polymorphism in your xml messages.
Please look at the latest test cases for the wsdl mode in svn.

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