WSF/PHP Demo Site Back in Action

Friday, July 25, 2008

After some maintenance work over last few days WSF/PHP Demo site is up back again. And note that this is not just a list of demos run using WSF/PHP package. It actually provide the source code of the demos and documentations if there are any.
So here is an update of what you can find in this site.
  • Solutions with Source code + documents

  • Allow you to see wsf/php samples in the web.

  • Tools

    • wsdl2php tool - generate the wsf/php client and service code from the wsdl

    • php2wsdl tool - generate the wsdl for your wsf/php server code

    • dbs2php tool - generate the php code from the WSAS Data services configuration files

  • Libraries

    • Data services library

    • Helper libraries for some public web service invocations like flickr, amazon, yahoo search

  • Space to comments and feedbacks, and give a rate to your favorite solutions

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