Servey: Tools for PHP Web Services?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is a servery to find out, what PHP progremmers need the most when it comes to dealing with Web services.

Please feel free to comment on this blog post.

What is your wishlist when it comes to PHP Web servies? What tools are you looking for?

How about something similar to PHP MyAdmin for PHP Web services? Point to the service, and just use it?

What about hosting? Do you have trhoube consuming services from hosted PHP instances?

What about IDE integration? Would you like it to be intergated with, say, Eclipse?

Feel free to let us know.


Mika said...
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Mika said...

I'm pretty happy with my Eclipse for PHP developers. It provides very good tools for developing PHP and also includes nice graphical WSDL generation. You can find more info at:

Anonymous said...




alexey_baranov said...

In my opinion, no need to separate tools. This should be a plug-in for IDE. I agree that Eclipse is very good for PHP. But personally I prefer Netbeans PHP. There is also a good plug-in for visual designing WSDL. Unfortunately in the latest version 6.7 it is temporarily disabled.

Most of all, I feel problems with framework, not with tools and. For example binding to the handler class and, in particular, exception handling for the last time brought a lot of problems.

rameses said...

I've used IRAD (IBM Rational Application Developer) to develop java/j2ee web services. IRAD is an IBM released version of eclipse. To date, I haven't found an IDE in another language that is comparable for development of web services. It generates stubs and other mundane and repetitive code easily. It also has a testing tool. It would be great to have either a stand-alone tool for php webservices or plugins for popular ides. I personally use PHPEdit.