Most Exciting Features of Upcoming WSO2 WSF/PHP Release

Saturday, January 5, 2008

We have packed and tested WSO2 Web services framework version 1.2.0. Release note will go out next Monday.

I am very excited about this release. The key features to look out for are:

  • WSDL generation
    • We have improved the code first model a great deal. This release will have the greatest WSDL generation capabilities that the PHP world has ever seen
  • WSDL Mode improvements
    • Now you can provide a WSDL with security policies and the framework is capable of dealing with those policies and enforce them
  • Class mapping support for services
    • So far we only supported exposing PHP functions as Web service operations. This release has added support to expose the member functions of a PHP class as service operations
  • We also have provided Windows and Linux binaries of the framework that that would work with Zend Core

As always, it is open source (Apache license) and free to download and use as you wish. Download now and enjoy these excitements!!!

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