WSDL Generation with PHP

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WSDL is the key for sharing the service interface. Some people call this the 'contract'. Sometimes, developers have access to an already written WSDL. So they can use that and generate either the client code or the service code or both. This is called the 'contract first model'. Sometimes, what we have is a PHP script, and we want to expose that as a service. In that case, we have the code and we would like to generate the WSDL. This approach is called the 'code first model'.

WSDL generation is supported with WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP and is done using PHP reflection and an annotation parser. To generate a WSDL from a given PHP Web service, a ?wsdl request should be sent to the server. For example, if you want to generate the WSDL for the service echoService.php, a request should be sent as,


This will generate a WSDL that adheres to 1.1 specification. You can also generate WSDL 2.0, you can use ?wsdl2 in place of ?wsdl.

For more details, you can refer tot he WSDL generation API documentation.

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Tan-Tan said...

I try to release a PHP WSDL BPEL engine, base on PHP CLI application server.
Any help would be appreciated.