Realities of SOA

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In a previous entry, I discussed the importance of PHP users being serious about SOA. In there, I mentioned that SOA is real and here to stay. You may be interested in knowing the realities of SOA as at the start of 2008. That blog entry summarizes the mistakes and success as far as adoption of SOA is concerned.

I think that 2008 would be a critical year for SOA, with many people applying the enterprise architecture style in their IT systems.

Form this list of predictions for 2008:

This is the year that Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) moves from IT strategy to business strategy. Therefore, SOA will officially move out of the hype cycle and into mainstream. CEOs and CIOs have bought into the importance of consistent business oriented services. Therefore, expect that customers will get down to serious business of moving out of pilots into slow, deliberate implementations. This doesn’t make for splashy headlines but it does make business sense.

It would be good to learn form others mistakes and capitalize on the success factors. In my opinion, most of the mistakes could be avoided by understanding the importance of the A in SOA.

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