WSF/PHP with XAMPP, WampServer, Zend Core and Lighttpd

Monday, January 14, 2008

Web services framework for PHP has been tested with PHP5, Zend Core 2.5, WampServer2, XAMPP 1.6.4 and Lithttpd.

Nandika has explained how to get Web services working for XAMPP for Windows. An illustrated guide on installing with XAMPP is also available. Similar set of steps would get the WSF/PHP Windows binary working wit WampServer2.

Mohanjith has explained how he got WSF/PHP working with Lighthttpd. And Nandika has also explained how to get the pecl package working.

You can download the source and binaries from the download page and try out yourself.


Pierre said...


Can you please try to post various posts on planet-php and not only about wso2 marketings. We don't accept project specific feeds.

I already contacted your colleague at wso2 but they are maybe away.

If things don't get better, we will have to drop your feed. At least don't make a daily post about wso2...

Sami said...

Sure, will do!

The serge on WSO2 WSF/PHP was because of the release that was done recently.

Because it is an open source project, I initially did not think that it would offend PHP folks. However, I will make a note of your point in the future when posting.

Pierre said...

It is actually not my point, it is a rule on planet-php. We don't accept project specific feeds (that's why you don't see feed about only one framework or similar feeds).

Thanks for your understanding,

Sami said...

Looks like this blog has been dropped from planet-php, even after following the said guidelines.
This has happened after I posted feature list of PHP's own SOAP extension. May be someone misunderstood that to be the feature list of WSO2's framework.