NEW WSClient option for the 1.3.0

Friday, June 6, 2008

WSF/PHP 1.3.* introduced many features specially for WSDL mode API. In addition to that it has updated WSClient a bit as well.

Here are the WSClient options you will found in 1.3.* that was not there in earlier releases.

"httpAuthUsername" - Http basic/digest authentication was added in this release, here is where you give the username to authenticate

"httpAuthPassword" - Password for Http authentication

"httpAuthType" - What type of authentication is used. The possible values are "Basic" or "Digest"

"proxyAuthUsername" - Similar to http authentication, proxy authentication too added.

"proxyAuthPassword" - Password for Proxy authentication

"proxyAuthType" - Declare whether the authentication type used is "Basic" or "Digest"

"useMTOM" - This option was already there, but possible values were only TRUE/FALSE. With this release you can give another value to this option, i.e. "swa". You can enable SOAP with Attachement with setting "useMTOM" => "swa"

For more information look at the documentation

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