PHP Data Service API revised

Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you were aware of PHP Data Service library published in the demo site, you may have realized how easy to expose your database data as a web service using a simple php script.

The next version of this library includes providing multiple database support ( in fact using the PDO extension), nested query support, WSDL generation and ability to define elements, attriubutes and text of soap payload from database data and many more. But this will not break the current simple API.

For this we came with a revised API for the DS library. I did a rough documentation (hopefully this will be improved with the time) on this at here. And this is an attempt to make it more closer to the Java Data Service API and the implementation. The ultimate goal is to allow the Data Services to move from Java to PHP and and vice versa in no time. We will let you know, when it is ready and I believe it won't be that far.

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