Web Services Interoperability Demo with WSO2 Stock Trader Implementation

Monday, June 9, 2008

The stock trader sample application implemented by both IBM and Microsoft, is now also available in PHP and Java with WSO2 SOA Stacks.

The PHP implementation is based on WSO2 WSF/PHP and the Java implementation is based on WSO2 WSAS.

The application has three layers, presentation, middle tier and the back end. Presentation tier talks to the middle business services layer and the business service layer talks to the back end order processing layer. PHP implementation has all the three layers implemented. Java implementation has the order processing layer implemented.

Both the PHP and Java layers can work with each other, as well as with the .NET implementations of the three tiers. You can mix and match tiers, swap them with each other, to get the same SOA behavior.


As an example, as shown in the above diagram, PHP presentation tier can talk to the .NET business service layer and the .NET business service layer can talk to the Java order processing layer. And it can use advanced WS-* specs such as WS-Security, between tiers and you can still get the tiers achieve seamless interoperability.

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