New Features in the PHP Data Services Library

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here are the new features in the latest PHP Data Service Library,

1. Multiple data base engine support (with php PDO extension)
2. Nested Query support
3. New Array based API, documented at
4. dbs2php converter, convert WSAS Java data services configuration XMLs to PHP code.
5. WSDL Generation support - works only with the latest WSF/PHP SVN.

You can check the Demos powered by the new library from here. You can see the newly added demo4 that demonstrates the Nested Queries.

And Online dbs2php tool is available from here. Anyway in the demo site the ?wsdl will not work, since it is hosted with wsf/php 1.3.2. (If you want ?wsdl for data services, please use the latest WSF/PHP svn)

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